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Asset identification

Observation of trends, market consensus but also smart and specific algorithms and methods help shape our asset portfolio.

Moreover, interlaced discussions with customers are a compulsory source of identifying asset needs and associated planning.

Acquisition steps that follow are critical activities, including a complete due diligence with the acquisition source to make sure that materials and their documentations fully comply with our business need.

We’re obsessed with quality process as it’s essential to get the best value deal for all parties that will eventually bring to the delivery of a product in perfect condition.

Our Company has also a strict policy of paying buyers on-time, and in accordance with predetermined schedule.



Deal Structure

All materials are identified for the structuring of a deal. This deal will combine one or several assets of different classes and different storage locations.

Internal and external business factors shape our client’s financial, technical and supply chain solution.

We identify and organize all parties who will be involved in the execution of each transaction, and these parties will be approved in accordance with our quality management system.



Transaction Execution

The Green Airliner engages all measures to raise funds along with debt — the case maybe, and in line with general admitted practices.

We also monitor and control any asset delivery with all their documentation satisfying all required specifications, including the track record and history of any items delivered.

Our expertise brings us to build up a relevant and agreed vehicle to lodge the asset, looking to protect all parties’ business interests, and to also protect the value of the asset recorded in our books. It also requires a thorough control of the full supply chain, thanks to our ISO9001/AS(EN)9100 quality system.



Asset Management

Ensuring to the lessee the quiet enjoyment of any material on lease, The Green Airliner will however develop its own program plan to ensure a complete protection of asset integrity all over its lifetime.

The Green Airliner is structured to assess, tame and protect against all risks and liabilities, but also to manage crisis or unexpected events that may arise in such asset management activity.

Moreover, we control daily all programmed and un-programmed physical inspections, collect, verify and maintain all available records, including insurance policies, engage all reasonable actions to protect the asset throughout the lease period, including technical, tax, legal, customs or export control issues as well as financial.